A response to everyone thinks I will just grade papers.

Last night I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a post from a guy who claims teachers are making enough money, especially for people who just grade papers. And it wasn’t the money statement that made me livid (Although I will be addressing that as well). It was that he thought that grading was the … More A response to everyone thinks I will just grade papers.

Off with a bang!

Hey y’all! I am sorry for the long time no post but for the past two weeks I have been acclimating myself to second semester. Which that came up quick and I can’t believe I’m already done with two weeks of it. I have a feeling this semester is going to fly by. I had … More Off with a bang!

Goodbye 2016!

As 2016 comes to a close it’s time to do a little reflection. It has been an insanely busy year but I am so happy for every opportunity I have received. I graduated high school, traveled to Haiti, turned 18 and started college all within three months which is crazy. Beyond those three crazy months, … More Goodbye 2016!

A Year Later

They say the death of someone close to you doesn’t get easier but that you just begin to adapt to life without them. And to some extent I think that’s true. Just over a year ago I lost my grandma to cancer. We just celebrated our second Christmas without her and just like last year … More A Year Later

Home Sweet Home

After 4 months, 2 plane rides and 6.5 hours of travel time today I have made it home! I am exhausted but I am home in my bed with my bags yet to be unpacked. I have eaten real food and I am so happy. I am back in the cold. I can see snow out … More Home Sweet Home